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Episode 39: Ruining the MPR Raccoon

Think there’s something Maya and Rebecca can’t ruin? Well they don’t shy away from a challenge. In this episode they set their critical (and dark, flashing) eyes on the daredevil raccoon who captivated America last week when it scaled a Minnesota skyscraper.

Episode 38: Escapism, Part 2: The Listeners Strike Back

How are YOU using pop culture as a form of escape? The Sauce listeners have a lot of answers to that question, from the West Wing to Lord of the Rings to true crime podcasts and much, much more. Maya and Rebecca sort through all the responses, noticing some trends and patterns in the movies, …

Episode 37: Escapism in the Trump Era (Part 1)

The news, obviously, sucks. How are Americans using popular culture to escape the stress and anxiety? Maya and Rebecca look at the movies and TV shows which seem to have struck a chord recently, then dive into their own personal favorites, discovering they have very different approaches to culture as self-care.


The Sauce is a podcast featuring two California-based know-it-all feminists.

Rebecca Cohen creates the webcomic The Adventures of Gyno-Star: Fighting the Forces of Evil and Male Chauvinismwhich is… exactly what it sounds like. She also writes a lot, but mostly less than 140 characters at a time.




Maya Gurantz makes art, writes, and brainwashes–er, teaches–young impressionable minds  She likes long road trips in the American West, 70s cinema, and getting angry about the patriarchy.  Don’t get her started (please, get her started).  Her website is mayagurantz.com.



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