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Episode 34: Consiglieri Cohen & Trump as Gordon Gekko

In part 2 of Maya and Rebecca’s discussion about Trump and mafia narratives, they examine how the character types of the “fixer” and the shady business mogul shed light on the public’s perceptions of Michael Cohen and Donald Trump — as well as their apparent perceptions of themselves.

Episode 32: The Parkland Teen Idols and The Myth of Conservative Intelligentsia

Maya and Rebecca look at what their growing celebrity could mean for the Parkland shooting survivors, as well as what the Laura Ingraham boycott and hiring/firing of Kevin Williamson might mean for conservative voices in mainstream media.


The Sauce is a podcast featuring two California-based know-it-all feminists.

Rebecca Cohen creates the webcomic The Adventures of Gyno-Star: Fighting the Forces of Evil and Male Chauvinismwhich is… exactly what it sounds like. She also writes a lot, but mostly less than 140 characters at a time.




Maya Gurantz makes art, writes, and brainwashes–er, teaches–young impressionable minds  She likes long road trips in the American West, 70s cinema, and getting angry about the patriarchy.  Don’t get her started (please, get her started).  Her website is mayagurantz.com.



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