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Episode 51: Saucy 80s Ladies and White Feminism

Once upon a time, saucy independent women roamed freely on network television. That was before the dark time, before #MeToo perpetrator Les Moonves took over CBS. Maya and Rebecca look back at TV’s feminist icons of the 80s and 90s – Murphy Brown, Julia Sugarbaker, the Golden Girls – and examine how they shaped & …

Episode 50: How (Not) To Forgive Men

We’re being asked to forgive and forget Louis CK’s transgressions, and it seems inevitable that more harassers and abusers outed by #metoo will soon seek a return to public life. Maya and Rebecca examine whether forgiveness and redemption are possible for men who do shitty things, and if so, what does it look like?


The Sauce is a podcast featuring two know-it-all feminists.


Rebecca Cohen creates the webcomic The Adventures of Gyno-Star: Fighting the Forces of Evil and Male Chauvinismwhich is… exactly what it sounds like. She also writes a lot, but mostly less than 280 characters at a time.





Maya Gurantz makes art, writes, and brainwashes–er, teaches–young impressionable minds  She likes long road trips in the American West, 70s cinema, and getting angry about the patriarchy.  Don’t get her started (please, get her started).  Her website is mayagurantz.com.



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