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Episode 110: Masks and Masculinity

Masks: cheap, easy, enormously effective in preventing coronavirus transmission. So what the hell is up with people who don’t want to wear them? Rebecca and Maya find answers, not surprisingly, in toxic masculinity, the Trump and Fox News Death Cults, and of course, many, many drinks.

Episode 109: Protests and Historical Memory

Maya and Rebecca talk about the Black Lives Matters protests sweeping the country. How is our current understanding informed and inflected by historical memory? What media and culture has prepared us for this moment–in the past decade? 20 years? 100 years? What makes this moment different? Or is it?

Episode 108 – Contagion Horror

Maya and Rebecca continue their deep dive into movies about contagious disease, breaking down infection horror movies and what they tell us about disease in the cultural imagination. This episode doesn’t address the news around BLM protests and police violence, but remember: It’s okay to give yourself a breather from the stress of current events. …


The Sauce is a podcast featuring two know-it-all feminists.

Rebecca Cohen creates the webcomic The Adventures of Gyno-Star: Fighting the Forces of Evil and Male Chauvinismwhich is… exactly what it sounds like. She also writes a lot, but mostly less than 280 characters at a time.

IMG_4732.jpgMaya Gurantz makes art, writes, and brainwashes – er, teaches – young impressionable minds. She likes long road trips in the American West, 70s cinema, and getting angry about the patriarchy.  Don’t get her started (please, get her started). More at mayagurantz.com.


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