Episode 6: Some Crap About Masculinity

Despite some audio issues, Rosie and Rebecca get their points across regarding new Ken dolls, drama on the Han Solo movie set, and one of your favorite films which is, sorry, very problematic. Day drinking breeds even stronger opinions than usual in this very special episode.

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  1. After listening I was curious to learn about who actually does the designing of Barbie and it looks like a mix of ethnicities (though in the main executive staff is 5/6 white), genders and orientation. On the Executive staff of six, four are women, one is a woman of color. And the gender balance makes sense for a company started by a woman.

    As a kid I played with Sunshine Family (and the Happy Family) http://www.metv.com/stories/the-sunshine-family-were-the-most-1970s-toys-of-the-1970s probably to the chagrin of my homophobic father, but I also had Star Wars and Star Trek toys so he apparently he didn’t make too big of a deal out of it…and surprise I turned out gay anyhow so there!

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